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Font distribution

Currently we distribute more than 143.000 fonts from the world’s most famous and renowned digital type foundries.

We deliver: fonts in West European, CE, Baltic or Cyrillic encoding, non-latin fonts, pictograms, barcode fonts - all above with standard or multi user licences.

We officially sell fonts from nearly all of the biggest type producers and type foundries. As their local partners we carry technical support with their consent, approval and backup.

Also we make special, on-demand fonts and encodings adaptation to help end-users with specific font usage problems (as with localised operating systems, applications and special keyboards). 

Font localization

As the official Polish language consists of additional 9 pairs of accented characters we supply fonts that are, as we say, in compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

Using proper character encoding we are sure to supply you with fonts that will work with any application or operating system without any tricks or registry updating.

If you are left alone with Western (non-localized) fonts - let us do the hard work for you.
(Please make sure that End User Licence Agreement supplied along with your fonts allows you to do such modification).

While preparing such localized versions we keep an eye on character spacing, and generate additional kerning pairs where neccessary. 


Many computer users spend hours in front of their monitors so they do care for the the on screen character quality - readabillity of the font.

No matter if the very fonts are to be used by a large number of office staff, used in multimedia on-screen presentations or even TV studios we can master the position of a single pixel on the screen.

The result of that tiresome process is a high quality, hand-made delta-hinted font that looks nice in low resolution environment (monitor screen).

As the present font production technology allows us to produce smooth curves and even strokes - why not to take care of your comfort and supply your eyes with more legible fonts! 

Font format conversion

Before OpenType font format is widely used across computer platforms and will be accepted by all aplications, computer users would still have to struggle to use different font formats for different computer platforms and applications to get the work done.

It is not the point to continue discussion of pros and cons of the particular font formats. We would deliver fonts in the best format for your particular use or application or simply make a format conversion to the format you desire.

No need to worry anymore that your fonts produce errors while RIPping, distilling to PDF or that they can not be used in some applications.

Certainly we can also produce fonts in OpenType font format with the additional „intelligence”  for your more sophisticated typographic needs.

Additional on-demand characters

As the world outside is constantly changing - people’s needs are changing too.

In many professional uses special characters are needed: special symbols for maps, special accents and characters for odd language composing. The solution is to produce new sets of fonts consisting of those additional symbols, accents (sometimes up to 2 levels of upper or lower accents), phonetic signs, music notes etc.

New international treaties, in-house labelling standards, town information systems, airport or other transport information pictograms - all the above uses need new sighs, pictograms to be used and implemented in your existing font sets.

We may digitalize your drawings or convert them from other digital formats and produce easy in everyday use font format. 

Font digitalization

Here is the solution to preserve your style forever - at least a handwriting style.

If you are a type designer or only have just prepared some glyph sketches we would be happy to help digitalize your designs and produce your very first „real” font.

We are only bound by your imagination.

So create informal look of your office notice, add your sign in you „own way”, type a letter to your friend with a „human touch” instead of using typewriter „Courier” monospaced font, create a series of ads with new invented handwriting style... 

Custom logo, Ex libris etc.

Would you like to have your company logo at a single keyboard click - no problem - we will add it to your company font.

Since then you will need no more to import any graphic files to your document to make a headed letter or to look for convenient graphic format to go along with your application.

No more scalled TIFF files with ragged edges, no more EPS files without previews. Just enter a character code number or a shortcut from a keyboard and your fully scalable logo appears straight in your document.

This kind of logo font will decrease your document size, and as some color logos can also be prepared. Why not to type a logo instead of importig it?

Euro sign

Since beginning of the year 2002, Euro - new European currency has been introduced. Most of the fonts launched on the marked before that date do not have Euro sign included in the character set.

According to your needs we may add to your font the Euro sign logo - the design approved by European Union or we may design a special Euro sign matching your typeface style.

Euro sign will be accessed within all your applications as would be placed into font character set according to the international standards. 


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